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Miriam Palmí Collado

I am a licensed vacation manager.EGVT-277V, Lawyer and Economist.
And of course, passionate about the real estate sector and my land.

I dedicate myself, for more than 15 years, to vacation rental in Gandía Beach and surroundings and winter season rentals (students, etc.). In addition, I specialize in the sale of all types of properties (homes, rural land, urban and industrial land, buildings, etc.).

I work every day with my group of collaborators to provide a close and quality service to our guests and of course, hand in hand with our owners, who put their assets at the service of everyone.
Contact us and discover that we are the best rental and sale option in Playa de Gandía, Playa Xeraco, Playa Piles, Daimús, Miramar, Guardamar...   

Miriam Palmí Collado

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