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Do you have a property in Playa de Gandia or surrounding areas?
Below we describe why in Rent + Buy you can find quality service for owners and guests.

Miriam Palmí Collado

I am a vacation manager with license No. EGVT-277V, lawyer and economist. And of course, passionate about the real estate sector and my land.


For more than 15 years, I have been dedicated to vacation rentals in Playa Gandía and surrounding areas and winter season rentals (students, etc.). In addition, I specialize in the sale of all types of properties (homes, rural land, urban and industrial land, buildings, etc.).


I work every day with my team to provide a close and quality service to our guests and of course, hand in hand with our owners, who put their assets at the service of everyone. Contact us and discover that we are the best rental and sale option in Playa de Gandía, Playa Xeraco, Playa Piles, Daimús, Miramar, Guardamar...

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We offer our Guests

  • Website with excellent offers compared to other platforms and other real estate agencies.

  • Base prices for all types of clients.

  • Reserve only with the value of the deposit (depending on each property).

  • Flexible cancellation policies thinking about both sides.

  • Personalized host service with check-in, stay and check-out process.

  • Extra services that make the stay a good experience such as:

    • ​Portable air conditioner.

    • Wifi (mobile).

    • Bathroom linen (towels, mats, etc.).

    • Impeccable bedding.

    • Personal hygiene products.

    • Toiletries - Beach kit (according to needs).

  • ​Loyalty coupons.

Alquilar mas comprar playa de gandia

We offer our Owners

  • We process the tourist license for your property.

  • Administration and comprehensive management of your property.

  • Administration and management of all property reserves.

  • Modern and well positioned website.

  • Multilingual attention to foreigners.

  • Network Marketing Campaigns with good reach.

  • Personalized hosts to our guests.

  • Support in legal processes as a lawyer.

  • We keep your property in the best possible condition.

  • Initial budget for reservation dates and base prices according to season.

  • Real-time communication of your property reservations.

  • Real-time closures of reserves and general balance of expenses and income.

  • General season report discriminating reservations, costs and deductions.

  • You can enjoy your property whenever you want, since the availability is up to you.

We take care of everything!

Contact us
And we will talk about the Administration plans and rates that we have for you.

Thank you for your message!

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